Wednesday, 11th of October

The Catcher in the Rye by J.D Salinger
Chapter 11
Would you say that Holden is in love with Jane?
What do you think might have happened, if anything, between Jane and Mr Cudahy? Why does it bother Holden?

Chapter 12
Why does Holden feel so lonesome? If he is lonesome, why does he turn down Lilian’s invitation to come to her table? Does he like being lonesome?

How do you explain Holden’s concerns about the Central Park ducks?

Does Holden despise Ernie?

Chapter 13

Holden says he stops when a girl tells him to, but Sunny never tells him to stop. On the contrary she wants him to go on. Why then does Holden stop with Sunny and dismiss her?

Why does Holden not tip Sunny the extra five dollars? At some level, do you think he wants to be beaten up by Maurice?