Wednesday, 17 of October


1-Why does Paul compare writing Misery returns to The Thousand and One nights?

2- Who is the visitor? What is it that Annie has forgotten to do?

3- On page 33 Paul describes 2 different types of madness. Can you mention them? What type has Annie now, according to Paul?

4-There are a lot of italicized words in the text. When do they occur/happen? What is their function?

5-What is Paul’s brilliant idea? (page 33)

Chapter 12

6-Are there any changes as regards weather, seasons?

7-According to what Paul has read, what do mad people when become seriuosly depressed?

8-What does Annie do to the rat in the rat trap (page 38)?

9-What can you say of Annie’s Laughing Place (page 39, 40)?

Chapter 13

10- Why do you think Annie’s sitting-room is not as tidy as it used to be? What does it say about Annie? What does she eat/drink? And the kitchen is it tidy?

11-What does Paul want to do in this chapter? What kind of thoughts does he have by the end of this chapter?

Chapter 14

12- What do we get know about Annie in chapter 14? (personal information, family life, her past)