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Thursday, 20th of September

English Speaking Countries
Thursday, 20th of September
Group 1: Max, August, Albin and Hampus.
Group 2: Maria, Gabbi, Ida, Elin, Hannah, Sofja and Angelina.
Group 3: Oscar and Denniz

Friday, 21st of September
Group 4: Erik, Elham, Emilio, Thomas and Liam
Group 5: Harry, William, Jacob and Ludvig
Group 6: Martina, Maja, Sara, Rebecka and Jennifer
Group 7: Erika, Isabella, Lukaz, Lucas and Emelie

Friday, 31st of August

Remember to borrow the novel “I Am the Messenger” by Markus Zusak

English Speaking Countries
Useful websites:

Some example questions while searching for information
What famous places are there?
What famous buildings are there?
What do you know about the food traditions in the country/city you have chosen?
What special holidays are there?
When is the national day? Why is celebrated?
What is the national sport/sports?
Are there any famous atheletes?
What do you know about the music life? Famous performers?
What can be said about the film industry? Famous actors and actresses?

Friday, 24th of August

English speaking countries

ORAL PRESENTATION – English speaking country or city
• To improve your knowledge of English-speaking countries and areas in the world
• To practice how to compile facts into your own personal, well-organized presentation
• To practice using your spoken English and become more confident talking in front of an audience
Choose a country or city where English is spoken. Prepare a presentation of about 3-5 minutes. Work individually. If you want, use power-point or pictures to illustrate. Do not use a prepared longer text, you are allowed key words only (stödord). We want to hear you talk. If you need help, please ask about words, pronunciation and so on before it is time to present. Prepare and practice so you feel confident. Have fun with it!
Examples of things to talk about:
• Basic facts: population, government, export/import, climate, currency
• Major tourist attractions
• history?
• food?
• School system?
• culture: music, literature, famous people, behavior, spare time activities?
• Differences and similarities if you compare to Sweden?
• Dialect?

Potential countries:

• India
• Jamaica
• South Africa
• New Zeeland
• Canada
• Ireland
• England
• Scotland
• Australia

A city is also a possible option.