Semanas 45 y 46

Vistas 2
Un apartamento (página 54)
Una casa (página 54)
Practica. Describir una habitación (página 55)
El rincón creativo (página 58)
Tarea para el miércoles 15 de noviembre: preposiciones (página 54)

Wednesday, 17 of October


1-Why does Paul compare writing Misery returns to The Thousand and One nights?

2- Who is the visitor? What is it that Annie has forgotten to do?

3- On page 33 Paul describes 2 different types of madness. Can you mention them? What type has Annie now, according to Paul?

4-There are a lot of italicized words in the text. When do they occur/happen? What is their function?

5-What is Paul’s brilliant idea? (page 33)

Chapter 12

6-Are there any changes as regards weather, seasons?

7-According to what Paul has read, what do mad people when become seriuosly depressed?

8-What does Annie do to the rat in the rat trap (page 38)?

9-What can you say of Annie’s Laughing Place (page 39, 40)?

Chapter 13

10- Why do you think Annie’s sitting-room is not as tidy as it used to be? What does it say about Annie? What does she eat/drink? And the kitchen is it tidy?

11-What does Paul want to do in this chapter? What kind of thoughts does he have by the end of this chapter?

Chapter 14

12- What do we get know about Annie in chapter 14? (personal information, family life, her past)

Wednesday, 10th of October

Misery by Stephen King

Chapter 8

How did Paul learn to use hairpins to open doors?

Explain why knowing how to use hairpins to open doors comes in handy/is useful in Paul’s situation.

Describe Annie’s bathroom. What is Paul searching for in the bathroom? Does he find what he is looking for?

What has Annie done with the phone? Why?

Chapter 9

Write a short summary about this chapter (write at least 50 words)

Is Paul alone? What kind of problem does Paul face? Does he hear noises? What kind? Who comes at the end of the chapter?

Chapter 10

Paul’s starts writing Misery’s return and Annie reads the first pages. Does she like it? Yes/No

What’s Can you? (write at least 40 words)

Wednesday, 11th of October

The Catcher in the Rye by J.D Salinger
Chapter 11
Would you say that Holden is in love with Jane?
What do you think might have happened, if anything, between Jane and Mr Cudahy? Why does it bother Holden?

Chapter 12
Why does Holden feel so lonesome? If he is lonesome, why does he turn down Lilian’s invitation to come to her table? Does he like being lonesome?

How do you explain Holden’s concerns about the Central Park ducks?

Does Holden despise Ernie?

Chapter 13

Holden says he stops when a girl tells him to, but Sunny never tells him to stop. On the contrary she wants him to go on. Why then does Holden stop with Sunny and dismiss her?

Why does Holden not tip Sunny the extra five dollars? At some level, do you think he wants to be beaten up by Maurice?

Miércoles 3 de octubre

Prueba semana 42

Comprensión auditiva y comprensión lectora

Presente: verbos regulares (Vistas 2, página 183)
Futuro (Vistas 2, página 186)
Perfecto (Vistas 2, página 36)

Expresiones temporales (página 192)

-¿Quién soy? (Vistas 2, página 219)
-El Viaje de fin de curso (Vistas 2, página 219)
-Mi Verano (Vistas 2, página 219 y 220)

Miércoles 3 de octubre

Prueba semana 42

Lunes 15 de octubre

Comprensión auditiva y comprensión lectora

Miércoles 17 de octubre

Presente verbos regulares (Vistas 3, página 205)
Presente verbos irregulares: ser y estas (Vistas 3, página 205)
Futuro (Vistas 3,página 207)
Perfecto, verbos regulares (Vistas 3, página 208 y página 39)

Expresiones temporales (Vistas 3, página 219)


Y tú ¿cómo eres? (Vistas 3, página 254)
Cartas (Vistas 3, página 254)
Las Vacaciones de Diego (Vistas 3, página 255)

Wednesday, 3rd of October

Dictation: vocabulary



-Both characters, Paul and Annie, want to kill each other. Find quotes in the book that express this desire ( clues pages 12, 14 and 16)

-Annie is insane. Find quotes that tell us that she is insane.

-Fast Cars, Misery’s Child and Misery’s return- what are they? How are they connected to the main characters? Who is Misery Chastain?

-Paul develops different strategies in order to get along with Annie and not make her mad. What does he do?

-Find a quote which shows in which season the story take place.